Top 12 Special Force in World

12. GSG 9, Germany

GSG 9 - Germany
Formed: April 17, 1973
Employees: About 250 operators
Country: Germany
Specialist Jurisdiction: Counter terrorism, special weapons and tactics, protection of VIPs.
Headquarters: Sankt Augustin-Hangelar near Bonn

11. GGIN, France

GIGN - France
Formed: 1973–present
Employees: 420 operators
Country: France
Specialist Jurisdiction: Counter-terrorism and hostage rescue

10. Sayeret Matkal, Israel

Sayeret Matkal
Formed: 1957
Employees: Classified
Country: Israel
Specialist Jurisdiction: Special reconnaissance,Direct action (military), Raid (military),Hostage rescue,Counter-terrorism

09. JTF2, Canada

JTF2 - Canada
Formed: 1 April 1993
Employees: Classified
Country: Canada
Specialist Jurisdiction: Special Operations,Counter-terrorism

08. SSG, Pakistan

SSG Pakistan
Formed: 23 March 1956
Employees: 10 Battalions
Country: Pakistan
Specialist Jurisdiction: Special Operations

07. GROM, Poland

Polish GROM
Formed: 2007
Employees: 2700
Country: Poland
Specialist Jurisdiction: Special Operations

06. EKO-Cobra, Australia

Formed: 1978
Employees: 450 operatives
Country: Austria
Specialist Jurisdiction: Domestic Law Enforcement and Counter-Terrorism

05. The Delta Force, USA

The Delta Force
Formed: November 19, 1977
Employees: Classified
Country: United States of America
Specialist Jurisdiction: Special operations

04. Alpha Group, Russia

Alpha Group - Russia
Formed: 28 July 1974
Employees: Classified
Country: Russia
Specialist Jurisdiction: Special operations, counter-terrorism, hostage rescue, assassination

03. Shayetet 13, Israel

Formed: 1948
Country: Israel
Specialist Jurisdiction: Counter-terrorism, Sabotage, Maritime intelligence gathering, Maritime hostage rescue, Boarding

02. Navy SEAL, USA

Formed: January 1, 1962
Employees: 2,500 Active duty
Country: United States of America
Specialist Jurisdiction: Direct action, Special reconnaissance, Counter-terrorism, Foreign internal defense, Maritime operations

01. SAS, Britain

SAS - Britain
Formed: 1947
Employees: 21 SAS Regiment, 22 SAS Regiment, 23 SAS Regiment
Country: United Kingdom
Specialist Jurisdiction: Special operations,Counter-terrorism,Reconnaissance,Hostage rescue

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