Top 10 Billionaires in Europe

10. Alisher Usmanov

alisher-usmanov - richest person in Europe
Born:- September 9, 1953
Residence:- Moscow, Russia
Nationality:- Russian
Occuption:- Investor and Philanthropist
Net Worth:- US$14.1 billion

09. Leonardo Del Vecchio

leonardo-del-vecchio- richest European man
Born:- May 22, 1935
Residence:- Milan
Nationality:- Italy
Occuption:- founder and chairman of Luxottica
Net Worth:- US$22.3 billion

08. Theo Albrecht Jr

theo-albrecht-jr Top 10 Billionaires in Europe
Born:- 1950
Residence:- Mülheim an der Ruhr, Germany
Nationality:- German
Occuption:- Part owner of Trader Joe’s and Aldi Nord
Net Worth:- US $18.4 billion

07. Dieter Schwarz

dieter-schwarz Top 10 Billionaires in Europe
Born:- September 24, 1939
Residence:- Neckarsulm, Germany
Nationality:- Germany
Occuption:- Businessman
Net Worth:- US$16.7 billion

06. Karl Albrecht

karl-albrecht Top 10 Billionaires in Europe
Born:- February 20, 1920
Residence:- Essen, German
Nationality:- German
Occuption:- Co-founder of Aldi
Net Worth:- US$29 billion

05. Michele Ferrero

michele-ferrero karl-albrecht Top 10 Billionaires in Europe
Born:- April 26, 1925
Residence:- Monte Carlo, Monaco
Nationality:- Italian
Occuption:- Owner of Ferrero SpA
Net Worth:- US$ 26.7 billion

04. Bernard Arnault

bernard-arnault Top 10 Billionaires in Europe
Born:- March 5, 1949
Residence:- Paris, France
Nationality:- France
Occuption:- Chairman & CEO of LVMH,Chairman of Christian Dior S.A.
Net Worth:- US$34.3 billion

03. Stefan Persson

stefan-persson Top 10 Billionaires in Europe
Born:- October 4, 1947
Residence:- Stockholm, Sweden
Nationality:- Swedish
Occuption:- Main shareholder of H&M
Net Worth:- US$24.1 billion

02. Liliane Bettencourt

liliane-bettencourt stefan-persson 5 Billionaires in Europe
Born:- October 21, 1922
Residence:- Neuilly-sur-Seine, Paris
Nationality:- French
Occuption:- Principal shareholder of L’Oréal
Net Worth:- US$41 billion

01. Amancio Ortega

amancio-ortega richest Billionaire in Europe
Born:- March 28, 1936
Residence:- A Coruña, Spain
Nationality:- Spanish
Occuption:- Co-founder of the Inditex group
Net Worth:- US$ 78.6 billion

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