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10 Facts about Karnataka You must Know

Fact 1: Bangalore stands first in the world for best outsourcing destinations.
best outsourcing destinations in bangalore
Fact 2: Mysore is second most cleaned city in india.
clean mysore
Fact 3: Karnataka produces almost half of the silk production of India.
silk production
Fact 4: 30% of Indian start-ups are from Bangalore.
start ups
Fact 5: Coffee came to India through Karnataka.
Fact 6: Karnataka has the 2nd highest number of UNESCO heritage sites in the country.
UNESCO heritage
Fact 7: The first CM of Karnataka was KC Reddy and not Kengal Hanumanthaiah as most believe.
Fact 8: Karnataka has Highest Gold, Iron and Manganese reserves in India.
gold, iron and manganese
Fact 9: Karnataka has the largest number of medical colleges in the country.
medical college
Fact 10: There are only 3 profit making state owned bus corporations out of which 2 are from Karnataka, namely BMTC and KSRTC.

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